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The end of a winning streak at the Vaillant Arena

The Eagles were going to Davos for their 3rd league game. Undefeated at the Vaillant Arena since 4 January 2015 and a 5-1 defeat, this beautiful series ended last night.

The Eagles, who had been undefeated in Graubünden for almost three years, were determined to maintain their successful four-game run at the Vaillant Arena. But things didn’t get off to a good start, first of all because of Juraj Simek's injury exit, who used his face to deflect the shot from one of his team-mates.


A minor injury and a temporary exit but we'll see him again very soon on the ice. On the ice, the two teams are evenly matched at the start of the game, and both teams' attackers can create a few chances.

Until the fourth minute break between Ambühl and Corvi broke off in the fourth minute. The last named can fool Bays into an empty cage. The score worsened in the 13th minute, when the Grenat had just passed twice 2' in inferiority without being too worried.

Four minutes later, Magnus Nygren was able to trick a masked Bays. The score is severe and Davos particularly fast transition game caused serious problems for GSHC.

HC Davos is astonishingly realistic. All they needed was 11 shots on target to score three times! On the whole of this first third period, Davos shots 17 towards Bays while GSHC fired 15 towards Senn. The accuracy of the Grisons will have done quite a disservice to the defence of the Eagles.

At the start of the second third, with Gauthier Descloux in the goals, we were expecting a reaction from GSHC. Especially after two Davos penalties that will allow the Eagles to play at 5 vs. 3 for 21 seconds. Without scoring unfortunately. Penalties will continue to fall on the Grenat side and Davos will be able to put the fourth goal (25th).

At the halfway point, the Eagles will even be 3-5 for almost a minute and a half. This is the moment Mercier chosen to create a very good opportunity for himself, but Senn blocked his shot from the mitt.

Davos had then to take the lead, but the Grenats, although dangerous on a few shots, didn’t manage to reduce the score.  

The 3rd third experienced few stoppages and time did run out. It was only in the 59th minute that GSHC were able to reduce the score by Almond.

The game finally ended with a score of 4-1. The Eagles, who had been undefeated since 4 January 2015, will not have been able to maintain their successful run in the Grisons.

Next game Friday night at the Vernets. GSHC will be facing CP Berne.


HC Davos - Geneva-Servette 4-1 (3-0;1-0;0-1)

Valiant Arena: 3348 spectators

Referees: Adrian Oggier, Marcus Vinnerborg, Roman Kaderli, Balazs Kovacs

Goals: 4th Corvi (Ambühl, Wieser) 1-0,13th Walser (Wieser, Paschoud) 2-0,17th Nygren (Little, Lindgren) 3-0,25th Kousal (Nygren, Lindgren / à 5c4)4-0,59th Almond (Spaling, Schweri) 4-1

Penalties: 5x2' against Davos and 6x2' against Genève-Servette


Notes: 45th, Davos awarded penalty kick. Not transformed


HC Davos: Senn, Kindschi, Jung, Heldner, Heldner, Forrer, Du Bois, Nygren, Paschoud, Grossniklaus, Corvi, Lindgren, Walser, Walser, Kousal, Ambühl, Little, Wieser, Jörg, Wieser, Simion, Sciaroni, Egli


Geneva-Servette: Bays (21st Descloux), Tömmernes, Fransson, Mercier, Bezina, Loeffel, Jacquemet, Weisskopf, Schweri, Richard, Romy, Hasani, Maillard, Almond, Spaling, Spaling, Simek, Holdener, Traber, Riat, Wick, Rubin

HC Davos vs GSHC



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