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The Grenats stumble in Freiburg

The Eagles were going to Freiburg for their second game of the season on Friday evening. And playing at the BCF Arena is never easy.

Grenats kicked off the game against Freiburg at the same pace as they had in the previous game against Lausanne: foot on the floor. During the first 15 minutes of the game, there is only one team on the ice.

The Eagles pushed and their forechecking to two or even three players was a major obstacle to the Fribourg defence on the restart.

But dominating is not winning. And the garnet will have the opportunity to see this maxim applied on the ice. The 16th minute was played when Slater, now playing for Freiburg, provoked Tanner Richard. On the next face-off, Cody Almond takes revenge. Bad idea, it's two minutes against the garnet. Rossi's first power play of the Fribourgers in this 2017-18 season followed within a minute.

During the second third, it was the Fribourgeois who put a lot of pressure on the game and hampered the recovery in Geneva. A second third dominated by the Dragons (11 shots to 8), despite the Grenat's advantage over the commitments (57.14%). And it is on a new superiority that Freiburg-Goteron can double the bet by Rathgeb (33rd).

This second third saw the Eagles play at 5vs4 for almost 4 minutes after a penalty kick to Rivera for Goran Bezina. Without reducing the score.

The third is similar to the second third. The Fribourgeois put a lot of pressure on the Geneva defence and the restart is increasingly difficult. So much so that most of the game is played around Christophe Bays. A Christophe Bays still excellent tonight, without whom the Grenat would have lost the edge of the game much earlier.

The faster the clock goes, the more the chances of Geneva returning to the score decrease. Jonathan Mercier's time to close the gap (53rd). The Genevans are believed to have been revived, but that was without counting new penalties. And at 4 vs. 5, it's harder to stick to the score.

It is the Eagles, however, who will be the most dangerous in the final seconds, but they will not be able to outrun Barry Brust once again.

The match ended with a 2-1 score for Fribourg-Gottéron, thus preventing the Eagles from confirming their first victory of the day before. We'll have to do better in the next game. And it will not be easy since it is in Davos that the Eagles will surrender.


Fribourg-Gottéron - Geneva-Servette 2-1 (1-0;1-0;0-1)

BCF Arena: 5587 spectators

Arbitrators: Daniel Stricker, Thomas Urban, Cedric Borga, Nicolas Fluri

Goals: 17th Rossi (Slater, Sprunger/ to 5c4)1-0,33rd Rathgeb (Birner, Slater / to 5c4)2-0,53rd Mercier (Wick, Simek) 2-1

Penalties: 5x2' against Fribourg-Gottéron and 8x2' against Genève-Servette

Fribourg-Gottéron: Brust, Chavaillaz, Chavaillaz, Stalder, Ablanalp, Leeger, Holos, Holos, Kienzle, Rathgeb, Gathgeb, Glauser, Slater, Bykov, Meunier, Rivera, Birner, Mottet, Schmutz, Chiquet, Sprunger, Rossi, Vauclair, Fritsche

Geneva-Servette: Bays, Tömmernes, Fransson, Mercier, Bezina, Loeffel, Jacquemet, Petschenig, Traber, Almond, Romy, Richard, Maillard, Hasani, Spaling, Holdener, Simek, Gerbe, Riat, Wick, Rubin

Fribourg-Gottéron vs GSHC



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