20 September 2017

The Eagles didn't tremble in Swiss Cup

GSHC travelled to Valais to take on the HC Sion in 1/16th place in Swiss Cup. Victory 2-7.

GSHC team took the road to Valais to play the first round of the Swiss Cup. In the ice rink of the old Stand, the Eagles did not tremble against HC Sion. Offensive right at the start, it took only 4 minutes before Dan Weisskopf's opening goal.

Schweri (15th) scored the second and final goal of this first period, clearly dominated by GSHC.

The second period was much more lively and goal-oriented. First of all, Jeremy Wick gave the Eagles a three point lead in power play.

Romain Seydoux was able to reduce the score six minutes later for HC Sion. But the Valais won't have time to celebrate the goal, as Jonathan Mercier's 45 seconds later gave the Aigles a 3rd point. Exactly 30 seconds later, Goran Bezina added to the score. Romain Loeffel scored another 57 seconds, and it was Romain Loeffel who scored his name on the scoring list. And he's even gonna do it again two minutes later in power play.

In less than five minutes, the score went from 0-3 to 1-7! Sami El Assaoui just had time to reduce the score a bit before the end of the game.

The last period also let Stéphane Charlin to take his first steps "with the big boys". The young goalkeeper (he just celebrated his 17th birthday), came into play and have maintained the advantage of the Eagles on the scoreboard without taking a single goal for his first appearance.

The Eagles are thus able to pass this first round of the Swiss Cup without any problems. They will know the name of their next opponent on Thursday at 12:00 pm during the draw. 


HC Sion - Genève-Servette 2-7 (0-2,2-5,0-0)

Skating rink of the old stand, Sion: 867 spectators

Referees: Pascal Boujon, Didier Massy, François Micheli, Yannick Rebetez

Goals: 4th Weisskopf (Traber) 0-1,15th Schweri (Holdener, Bezina) 2-0,26th Wick (Loeffel, Richard/to 5vs4)3-0,32nd Seydoux (Loeffel) 1-3,33rd Mercier (Romy, Kyparissis) 1-4,34th Bezina (Richard, Hasani) 1-5,35th

Penalties: 8x2' +1x10' (Vuilleumier) against Sion and 5x2' against Genève-Servette

HC Sion: Ritz, Currit, Kalbermatten, Bonvin, Loeffel, Oudelet, Oudelet, Merola, Guex, Seydoux, Wyssen, Vuilleumier, Vermeille, Antisin, El Assaoui, Pelletier, Sammali, Wüthrich, Curty, Heinimann, Girardin

Geneva-Servette: Descloux (40th Charlin), Gerbe, Kyparissis, Hasani, Spaling, Jacquemet, Wick, Traber, Mercier, Antonietti, Vukovic, Bezina, Bezina, Loeffel, Weisskopf, Petschenig, Richard, Schweri, Romy, Almond, Holdener, Maillard

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