04 October 2017

A struggling team on the road

The Eagles were going to Fribourg for the second time this season. Waiting for a first win away from home, we have seen Robert Mayer back on the ice.

The Eagles travelled to Fribourg for the third time of the season between the two teams. With a double goal for the Grenat: a first win away from home and a first against Fribourg as well. 

At the start of the first period, GSHC tried to enter the match solidly, but Fribourg team took a fast rythm from the kick-off. After a penalty quickly conceded, a goal just as quickly conceded by the GSHC.

Fribourg took full advantage of this opportunity and opened the scoring straight at the beginning. We've been playing for less than two minutes now and Fribourg already took the lead. The BCF Arena should not have been late!

The Eagles had then a hard time, trying to play their game during this first period and it was Fribourg who was often the most dangerous. The rebounds and duels turned regularly to the advantage of Fribourg, allowing them to fire twice as many shots as GSHC during this period (10 shots to 5). Fribourg broke their teeth on a Gauthier Descloux still excellent tonight. The score didn't move until the end of the period.

We didn't have to drag around to get back to his seat to attend the second period. After less than four minutes and a mix-up in front of Descloux, Fribourg-Gottéron managed to register the 2-0 after video validation by the referees.

The task looked daunting, but GSHC didn't give up. It was just before the halfway point that Goran Bezina fired a shot that Barry Brust could not stop. We played the 30th minute and Geneva came back to a Dragon's length.

No time to celebrate that Caryl Neuenschwander can give to Fribourg two more lengths of advantage. GSHC began to commit a few fouls and quickly found themselves 3-5 after the penalties imposed on Loeffel and Richard.

If the Grenats held up 3-5, it was with only one man less on the ice that they cracked and allowed Fribourg to make the score worse. The 35th minute was played and the scoreboard now shown 4 goals to 1 in favour of the home side.

This goal is too much for Gauthier Descloux, who can't be blamed for much. He gave way to Robert Mayer for the rest of the game. The cerber quickly put to the test and shown that he is back. This second ended with a score of 4 to 1 for the Dragons.

As in the previous two periods, Fribourg attackers were fast to put pressure on GSHC defence. But Juraj Simek was able to give hope to Geneva. The Top Scorer, who escaped from the penalty spot alone against Brust, was able to outrun the goalkeeper from Fribourg and scored 4-2. We played the 45', thinking it was a great opportunity to be back to business. But 10mn later, Birner was able to bury the last hopefuls by registering 5-2 after the referees had once again validated the video.

The score didn't move from now. The Eagles won't have been able to win their first away game. Robert Mayer was in good shape. His performance was exemplary, just like Gauthier Descloux.

Next game for the Eagles: Friday against Lugano for the Pink Night special event. Come and support GSHC to help fight breast cancer. A special evening during which all the spectators dressed in pink will benefit from a discount of 10.00% off the tickets at the cash desk and 10% off at the shop.

Tickets available here.

Fribourg-Gottéron - Geneva-Servette 5-2 (1-0;3-1;1-1)

BCF Arena: 4962 spectators

Referees: Micha Hebeisen, Didier Massy, Stany Gnemmi, Simon Wüst

Goals: 2nd Meunier (Rathgeb, Bykov / 5vs4)1-0,24th Vauclair 2-0,30th Bezina (Hasani) 2-1,32nd Neuenschwander (Meunier) 3-1,34th Slater (5vs4)4-1,45th Simek 4-2,54th Birner (Rossi) 5-2

Penalties: 3x2' + 1x5' +20' (match misconduct, Fritsche) against Freiburg and 9x2' + 1x10' (Richard) against Geneva

Fribourg-Gottéron: Brust, Schilt, Stalder, Chavaillaz, Chavaillaz, Marchon, Rathgeb, Kienzle, Holos, Glauser, Birner, Schmutz, Vauclair, Vauclair, Mottet, Slater, Meunier, Rivera, Bykov, Sprunger, Neuenschwander, Fritsche, Rossi

Geneva-Servette: Descloux (34th Mayer), Tömmernes, Bezina, Mercier, Jacquemet, Petschenig, Fransson, Loeffel, Holdener, Rod, Riat, Simek, Impose, ALmond, Romy, Richard, Hasani, Wick, Gerbe, Schweri, Traber

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